June 21, 2010

Mommy Mondays: things moms love

a few of my favorite baby things

love the baby jogger city mini! It's such an amazing stroller that is so light and easy to fold up and put in your car! It comes in so many different styles and colors! We stuck with plain classic black. I know..we are boring!
So this is something I totally didn't think we needed...it's such a luxury but a totally affordable one. It's under $30 and warms the wipes for your sweet babies bottom. Our girls were born end of winter so it was cold and with new babies you don't want a cold wipe so we got this warmer and love it!
So this isn't the exact sun and bug cover that we have but similar. My in laws bought us the coolest bug covers from walmart for like $10! We have used them so much and they are so great at keeping bugs, sun and people out! When you have a new baby the last thing you want is the sun burning them or bugs biting them or sick people you don't know touching them! I would definitely recommend some form of sun and bug cover!
We have been through several slings, wraps and baby carries trying to find which one we like best and I can definitely say the baby bjorn is my favorite! I'm pretty sure its actually the best for your baby as it makes sure they are in a safe position that won't hurt their backs or put too much pressure on their little bottoms. It's also really comfortable for the parent and so easy to unhook so if your baby does fall asleep it's easy to make the transition from carrier to crib!

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