June 23, 2010

Bold Wednesdays: Decorating with Rugs

I'll be sharing some design tips on rugs and how they can be used when decorating living spaces. There are so many styles and materials it can be quite overwhelming but I find that breaking things down to material and figuring out what feel you are going for can help when picking out a rug. I'm a huge lover of rugs and feel that they really help in grounding a room and defining a space. Below I've gone through the different materials to show the different ways rugs can be used in your living space. All images are Pottery Barn and I'd also strongly advice going to pottery barn's design tips where they give great advice on measuring for a rug.

Wool Rugs
Wool Rugs tend to add a more luxurious feel to a room and with good reason. They tend to be the most expensive option but can also be found for fairly reasonable prices like on overstock.com. Wool rugs tend to have the most variety of colors and patterns ranging from Persian styles to a modern floral. When looking to bring a big splash of color or a variety of colors into a room a wool rug is a great options. Above you can see all the different colors and how each rug really grounds the room. If you are planning on making a statement with a wool rug I would make it one of the first choices next to the furniture when designing a room. Once you have the rug you can add accents by pulling colors out of the rug for the pillows, vases, and artwork!

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural Fiber rugs are really fun and a less expensive way to decorate a living room. Becoming especially popular in the past five years natural fiber rugs are a very green way to decorate and also can add a lot of texture to a room! Natural fiber rugs are also great for living rooms where you get a lot of traffic because they are more durable than your wool or cotton rug.

Cotton/Chenille Rugs
Cotton and Chenille rugs are a really great option especially when you are not wanting to spend a lot but still achieve a cozy classic or country look. Like the above photo a cotton rug is great for less formal living rooms or bedrooms. They are very soft underfoot and can be found for way under $150.

June 21, 2010

Thrifty Tuesdays: awesome finds


These are some really cute shoes a friend of mine has and she bought them for $19.99 at Payless shoes! I love them and think they are so cute. She says it's like sunshine on her feet!

Mommy Mondays: things moms love

a few of my favorite baby things

love the baby jogger city mini! It's such an amazing stroller that is so light and easy to fold up and put in your car! It comes in so many different styles and colors! We stuck with plain classic black. I know..we are boring!
So this is something I totally didn't think we needed...it's such a luxury but a totally affordable one. It's under $30 and warms the wipes for your sweet babies bottom. Our girls were born end of winter so it was cold and with new babies you don't want a cold wipe so we got this warmer and love it!
So this isn't the exact sun and bug cover that we have but similar. My in laws bought us the coolest bug covers from walmart for like $10! We have used them so much and they are so great at keeping bugs, sun and people out! When you have a new baby the last thing you want is the sun burning them or bugs biting them or sick people you don't know touching them! I would definitely recommend some form of sun and bug cover!
We have been through several slings, wraps and baby carries trying to find which one we like best and I can definitely say the baby bjorn is my favorite! I'm pretty sure its actually the best for your baby as it makes sure they are in a safe position that won't hurt their backs or put too much pressure on their little bottoms. It's also really comfortable for the parent and so easy to unhook so if your baby does fall asleep it's easy to make the transition from carrier to crib!

June 16, 2010

Bold Wednesdays: daring design

wallpaper design


Today we will take a look at some bold aspect of design. Wallpaper is totally in right now and you can make some pretty bold statements with wallpaper! The first two images are from house beautiful and are great examples of this. I love the light blue damask wall paper and especially how it is mimicked in the chair! The tan stripes in the bedroom make ceilings feel taller creating the illusion of more space! If you aren't familiar with Michelle Adams new magazine Lonny you should definitely check it out. It's a virtual magazine you can view on their website and its jam packed with amazing interior design eye candy! The third image above is of her apartment and it was featured in last months issue. She has the cutest wall paper in her living room and dining room of ostrages! In the most recent issue the home of their editorial assistant Ellie Somerville is featured and I love it! She rents an apartment in NY and I'm always so amazed at what people do with their NY apartments. She totally transformed a normal so so apartment into a unique haven full of character! I might do a post fully on her space! The last image above is of wallpaper she applied using painters tape and double sided tape so she is able to remove it without loosing her deposit and also save it to use again! Brilliant!

June 15, 2010

Tiny Tuesdays: small space living

small kitchens
Thank you all for your loyalty to me even though I hardly ever post anymore! I'm so sorry, with this new season of life things have been kind of crazy and it's hard to pull away. Now that we are getting on a kind of routine I plan on blogging here at simple eye much more. I thought that maybe if I had themes for each day it would make it a little more fun as well as a little easier for me to keep up with things:) I thought we would start today with Tiny Tuesdays! Tiny Tuesdays will be a look at some aspect of small spaces and how best to deal with the problems they present. My husband and I have lived in a small house and apartments for the last 2 years and have had to be pretty creative when it comes to decorating. It's a kind of challenge that I actually enjoy! We have had a small kitchen the past 2 years with minimal storage and get this...no pantry! We have used a book shelf for our pantry and baskets stored above which look like decor but really are storing many kitchen supplies we never use ( but hope to use one day!) These were just a few images that I thought had great ideas as far as small kitchen spaces. The image above is a great example of something I wish we could do but can't because we are renters :( Taking out cabinets and putting in shelves gets rid of the cave feeling and adds so much more space! You can add hooks, stack things, add decor, the options are endless! You'll feel like you have twice the counter space. Another thing that is quick and easy is just take off a few of your cabinet doors and expose the shelves inside! This might terrify some of you as you like to hide your mess, but just take off a few doors and show off your pretty dishes and tea cups!
house beautiful

This image shows a great way to hang pots and pans which we have done as well. We went to crate and barrel and bought a very affordable pot hanger which hangs from the ceiling. This one that hangs directly against the wall is a great option as well! Pots take up so much space in cabinets, can you imagine freeing up all that room!

stephanie stokes, Ny designer

I love love love this kitchen above by New York designer Stephanie Stokes. She was featured in House Beautiful and won Kitchen of the month! You are probably thinking...this kitchen doesn't look that small..you can see through to the next room! Look again! She used a mirror as a back splash which creates the illusion of space! I love this and if we weren't renting we would totally do it! Not only using a mirrored back splash but painting your cabinets white and using light colors creates the illusion of space as well! Check back for tomorrow's theme!