April 7, 2010

babies are here!


So sorry I've been MIA...but some exciting things have been going on around our house! We had two amazingly beautiful little girls! We have had the most amazing 2 months with them and every day it gets even better! They are so wonderful and take up all my time! So forgive the lack of blogs but I hope to get caught up soon. We are starting to get into a routine so hopefully soon I'll get back into sewing and creating! I can't wait to make them some fun summer dresses like this one from baby gap which by the way has the cutest baby clothes ever!


Taylor said...

glad you are back

stacy childs said...

can't wait to see the girls in dresses like these! :)

Sanity Fair said...

an awesome life is a legit excuse to not do awesome blogging :) love the little dress!