January 7, 2010

DIY Coasters

Just a little peak at a fun project I discovered on the web on how to make handmade coasters out of bath tile and craft paper. It's a really fun project that's so easy and incredibly affordable. You simply go to your local hardware store and buy bath tiles and then to a craft store, pick out a fun paper you like, cut to size and I used modge podge to paste the paper down. After they have dried completely spray with an acrylic sealer to make them water resistance. Wrap with a cute ribbon and gift or use in your own home! These are a few of the designs I made before Christmas for gifts! I'm hoping after the babies come and things settle down I can do more and maybe start and Etsy store! Stay tuned for updates!


Taylor said...

I could use a couple for my office.

Anonymous said...
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Slumber Designs said...

Now I want to learn how to make these!! They're look so fun. Thanks for sharing!