January 22, 2010

casual charm

jcrew images

Just a few cute collared tees from jcrew's sale room. I love the simplicity and detail! Check our their final sale online for some great deals.

January 19, 2010

diy hamper

This is a horrible picture because of the darkness of the hallway but it was a quick project I took on yesterday:) I made a hamper for the girls and used a tip I saw on Martha's website. Use a embroidery hoop to keep the top open so you can simply throw dirty clothes in! I hung in on the door behind the changing table so I can put their clothes in it once I'm done changing them:)

January 14, 2010

Changing Station

all images pottery barn

Pottery Barn does such a great job with their changing stations. I love gaining inspiration from them! Though we don't have a piece of furniture like the ones above we have a great built in desk area in the hallway leading into the babies room. I talked about it a little bit ago and have been working on getting the changing station ready. It's coming along really nicely and I hope to have pictures up soon!

Setting up your babies changing station:

-changing pad
-receiving blankets
-burping cloths
-cotton balls
-diaper rash cream, lotion, baby oil
-a change of clothes for your baby
-tape for repairing disposable diapers
-a diaper pail with a secure/air tight lid
-hamper for dirty clothes

January 8, 2010

too cute

Cute shoes on marthastewart.com. Love the pink and orange. Little cute things like this get me so excited to have little girls and so excited to love on them and dress them in summer attire:)

January 7, 2010

DIY Coasters

Just a little peak at a fun project I discovered on the web on how to make handmade coasters out of bath tile and craft paper. It's a really fun project that's so easy and incredibly affordable. You simply go to your local hardware store and buy bath tiles and then to a craft store, pick out a fun paper you like, cut to size and I used modge podge to paste the paper down. After they have dried completely spray with an acrylic sealer to make them water resistance. Wrap with a cute ribbon and gift or use in your own home! These are a few of the designs I made before Christmas for gifts! I'm hoping after the babies come and things settle down I can do more and maybe start and Etsy store! Stay tuned for updates!

January 6, 2010

awaiting spring...

So with the babies coming and spring following closely behind them I've decided to take this down time and redecorate our living room for spring. Maybe redecorate isn't the right word...basically I'm getting rid of the orange and brown that was in our living room for fall and replacing it with blues, tans and browns. This smokey blue is so popular right now and looks amazing with a taupe color! I love the blue against a tan couch but for now our dark dark green (almost brown) couch will do :) My inspiration is above and I actually went to PB yesterday and purchased the Jute Braid Pillow Cover in french blue for our couch. I have a vision for curtains that I'll be working on over the next couple of days. It involves a Liz Claiborne striped fabric paired with our already cream curtains...which the other day replaced our Ember Payton drape curtains. Too early for spring decorating??? It's very subtle and relaxing and I think that's something I'll appreciate once I'm pretty much home bound after the girls are born:)

January 4, 2010

Changing station in progress...

We have this great hall way leading into the nursery with a built in desk that would be perfect for a changing station. My mom was so clever and came up with the idea and I can't wait to clear it out and create a cute, accessible space that caters to all diaper changing needs:) PB kids had a really cute hanging organizer that is no longer on their website but was similar to the diy one above found on Martha Stewart's website. I was thinking of finding a towel in a cute pattern and creating one to hang on the back wall of the desk area to store lotion, diaper cream, wipes, etc. I'm off to Target, Michael's and Joann's today to get some supplies and will let you know how it all turns out!