June 23, 2010

Bold Wednesdays: Decorating with Rugs

I'll be sharing some design tips on rugs and how they can be used when decorating living spaces. There are so many styles and materials it can be quite overwhelming but I find that breaking things down to material and figuring out what feel you are going for can help when picking out a rug. I'm a huge lover of rugs and feel that they really help in grounding a room and defining a space. Below I've gone through the different materials to show the different ways rugs can be used in your living space. All images are Pottery Barn and I'd also strongly advice going to pottery barn's design tips where they give great advice on measuring for a rug.

Wool Rugs
Wool Rugs tend to add a more luxurious feel to a room and with good reason. They tend to be the most expensive option but can also be found for fairly reasonable prices like on overstock.com. Wool rugs tend to have the most variety of colors and patterns ranging from Persian styles to a modern floral. When looking to bring a big splash of color or a variety of colors into a room a wool rug is a great options. Above you can see all the different colors and how each rug really grounds the room. If you are planning on making a statement with a wool rug I would make it one of the first choices next to the furniture when designing a room. Once you have the rug you can add accents by pulling colors out of the rug for the pillows, vases, and artwork!

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural Fiber rugs are really fun and a less expensive way to decorate a living room. Becoming especially popular in the past five years natural fiber rugs are a very green way to decorate and also can add a lot of texture to a room! Natural fiber rugs are also great for living rooms where you get a lot of traffic because they are more durable than your wool or cotton rug.

Cotton/Chenille Rugs
Cotton and Chenille rugs are a really great option especially when you are not wanting to spend a lot but still achieve a cozy classic or country look. Like the above photo a cotton rug is great for less formal living rooms or bedrooms. They are very soft underfoot and can be found for way under $150.

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