June 27, 2009

chris and marie living ideas

please click image to enlarge

The other night our sweet friends Chris and Marie had us over to their beautiful home for a wonderful dinner and really fun night! Marie has been pulling together ideas for decorating their home and it was so fun looking through photos with her and coming up with ideas. They have an awesome living room that is a neutral color similar to above which is next to the dining room which they've painted an awesome cherry red! It was so perfect because Marie has had 3 yards of this fabric that she loves which has splashes of red, green, blue and yellow with the neutral tan in the background. It's similar to the pottery barn fabric above just a little more saturated. So we talked about adding color and thought that with the bright dining room in view it's probably a good idea to leave the neutral wall color and add color into the window treatments, rug and pillows. I suggested we pull in the blue because ikea has some awesome curtains right now that are a grayish blue that would look awesome with the floral fabric. I then went on a rug search and was so surprised to find so many blue, red and tan combinations at PB, so I picked one from each price category. Depending on how much they want to spend and also how formal they want the area...I think all would work great! Some accent pillows to tie it all together on the amazing PB pierce couch which they just purchased on craigslist for an amazing price! It's so comfortable and fits the space so well. She had the great idea to put a console table against the wall in the entry and do a photo montage with different sized frames on the wall above and have a table lamp to one side of the table. I also thought a similar floor lamp would look great on one side of the couch or beside a chair near the fireplace. PB lamps can be pretty pricey so I would go somewhere like Target or Home Goods where you can find some awesome lamps for half the price! They already have some great brown wood frames above the couch with white mats that would look great with some type of artwork. Chris loves history so we thought maybe something like architectural prints from Washington DC or something similar. James and I love the idea of framing some old hymns and thought that would look great as well..and pair the three frames over the couch. They already have a great tv table Marie's dad built them and a great mirror over the mantle as well as a cool vintage looking coffee table. Now all that's left is to accessorize a few things like some books on the coffee table and some flowers next to the lamp on the console.