May 24, 2009

improv dinette

So we've officially decided to move into a 2 bedroom apartment and out of our one! I'm most excited about having a guest room/office where we can have guests come and stay. So now my beloved post on daybeds can be put to use! We are heading through Charlotte mid July so we'll stop by the ikea. But for now I'm trying to think of creative ways to spruce up our dining room. Its small but has potential. I'm thinking about having matching tall white bookshelves on either side of an upholstered bench in attempt to recreate the beautiful image above. We have a wood round table similar to above as well. I'm thinking it could work!


stacy childs said...

I know whatever you do will look classy and adorable all at the same time, cuz it will have your "touch!"

stacy childs said...

Callie - I like thay type of chandelier for the dining room - do you think that would work? I'm sure we could find one similar since this one's from pb, right?