May 28, 2009

reading light

What a pretty wall lamp, perfect for night reading! Would you believe that these are available at ikea for only $16.99 a piece! That's amazing! I also had an amazing find a while back! I found this lamp at a thrift store with the exact lines of the pb lamps below. It's been painted brown and seems to be made of it has a matte finish. I put a new shade on it and it looks great! For a while now I've been wanting to paint it a fun color like the ones below but can't decide what to paint it. I'm thinking maybe a yellow or blue or perhaps just white paired with a fun shade! Whatever color I do I want to do a glossy paint and maybe even spray it with a gloss to give it the porcelain look.

May 27, 2009

pure white and butter yellow

When I think of a guest room I think of yellow! The wonderful feeling of sunlight and warmth balanced with cool white gives a crisp, clean happy feeling! Below are two images of a rug and a glass door armour both of which we have in this butter yellow color. I was hoping to build the guest room around those two pieces. I love the bench above with its detail and color! The room below is the perfect balance I'm going for! Perhaps the yellow rug and armour with white bedding and desk, mixed in with a patterned yellow pillows matching an upholstered desk chair.

Few more dinette inspirations!

This isn't a dinette but kind of the idea. Two bookshelves on either side of a bench....then with a table in front...of course in white with a pretty fabric on the bench!

May 24, 2009

improv dinette

So we've officially decided to move into a 2 bedroom apartment and out of our one! I'm most excited about having a guest room/office where we can have guests come and stay. So now my beloved post on daybeds can be put to use! We are heading through Charlotte mid July so we'll stop by the ikea. But for now I'm trying to think of creative ways to spruce up our dining room. Its small but has potential. I'm thinking about having matching tall white bookshelves on either side of an upholstered bench in attempt to recreate the beautiful image above. We have a wood round table similar to above as well. I'm thinking it could work!

May 23, 2009

(sigh)...white house

May 13, 2009

books books

Books are so fun to use in your decor because it's something most of us have a ton of and being able to display them on bookshelves is such a great way to add depth and warmth to a room! I'm trying to think about where we could put some bookshelves in our apartment....ikea has some great units for $99 as well as target.

May 3, 2009


There is something so welcoming about a well thought out entryway! My husband and I found an old piano bench that we just moved into our entry way. With some pillows to add comfort and baskets underneath designated for shoes, it now welcomes our guests drawing them into the rest of our apartment. These are just a few great entryways which I can't wait to steal ideas from one day when we have a "foyer" type area!