October 29, 2008

My Dream Home!

So I believe I've found my dream home. Once again I give you a peek inside the beautiful Woodstock, GA townhouse featured on Kohlers' website. My Westbrook Interiors journey began with Design-59s' entry on the beautiful home featured on Kohlers' website. Here you can view pictures and watch a video tour of Barbara Westbrook herself and hear firsthand how the home was brought together.
once again the beautiful kitchen and below you can see the wood table

i love the tall ceilings in the living room and the lantern, which is a piece carried throughout the first floor

i love this dining room. I was surpirsed by the dark color but love the contrast with the bright white. It's so interesting how each room that has a different color has a different trim as well. Here it seems trim the trim is a darker shade.

beautiful serene master bedroom. I love the graish blue walls with the dark door.

Oooo i'm in love with this bathroom. A similar tile as in the kitchen graces the floors of this elegantly simple room.

What an adorable little girls room. It's girly enough for a young girl while remaining mature enough for her teens.
This young boys room is so cute! I love the map theme and the daybed that doubles as a couch by day.
This playroom is so fun! I love the chalkboard paint and stripped rug. It offers a space for endless creativity!


Anonymous said...

i love your blog. I am reall into vintage/farm house/old world decor in modern times.

i'll make sure to keep reading!

Anne said...

Just found your blog in searching for 'serene bedroom' pictures.... love it! I just started blogging myself, and will add yours to my "spots to visit!"

My own bedroom has these colors, they are wonderful...