October 29, 2008

My Dream Home!

So I believe I've found my dream home. Once again I give you a peek inside the beautiful Woodstock, GA townhouse featured on Kohlers' website. My Westbrook Interiors journey began with Design-59s' entry on the beautiful home featured on Kohlers' website. Here you can view pictures and watch a video tour of Barbara Westbrook herself and hear firsthand how the home was brought together.
once again the beautiful kitchen and below you can see the wood table

i love the tall ceilings in the living room and the lantern, which is a piece carried throughout the first floor

i love this dining room. I was surpirsed by the dark color but love the contrast with the bright white. It's so interesting how each room that has a different color has a different trim as well. Here it seems trim the trim is a darker shade.

beautiful serene master bedroom. I love the graish blue walls with the dark door.

Oooo i'm in love with this bathroom. A similar tile as in the kitchen graces the floors of this elegantly simple room.

What an adorable little girls room. It's girly enough for a young girl while remaining mature enough for her teens.
This young boys room is so cute! I love the map theme and the daybed that doubles as a couch by day.
This playroom is so fun! I love the chalkboard paint and stripped rug. It offers a space for endless creativity!

Little more Westbrook...

So I love this kitchen with the gray cabinet color which ties in with the gray bookshelves below. I love love this open floor plan and the way you could be in the kitchen and still feel apart of the living and dining area. Such a great house for a family. Once again the use of neutrals is throughout accented with the consistent gray giving a modern vintage feel with the old lanterns and displayed china. So breathtakingly gorgeous!

New from Rubie Green!

Check out Rubie Green's new fall line of fabrics. I'm so excited to see the new designs as well as all the new awesome photography on her website. On her blog she wrote that this beautiful model is one of her best friends. I love that she has her friends model her product. I think it's so fun. Check out the beautiful fabrics and be looking forward to a book she's featured in called Matthew Haly's Book of Upholstery. It's available Nov. 25th. I can't wait! My design book wish list keeps growing and growing...if you're wondering
what I want for Christmas...hint hint:)

Westbrook Interiors

So through a long line of blogs and links I came upon the amazing Westbrook Interiors started by designer Barbara Westbrook, based out of Atlanta, GA. I'm blown away by her ability to tie the old with the new and make a house look so clean and crisp while feeling inviting and elegant. "Her styles range from casual American to formal English and French Moderne," as quoted on her website. Please look at this beautiful kitchen I think I could live in. I love the neutrals opposite the bright white. The glass front cabinets are beautiful and what's even better is the way she painted the insides a dark chocolate color so the bright white china stands out. If you could zoom in on this picture you would see that the tile is a beautiful print, almost damask looking. It's so beautiful and gives it that European feel. I love it. And if you go to the website you can see that to the left is an old rustic long wood table that completely sets the whole feel off with the old and new, along with the cool iron candled chandelier shown here. You must check her out along with the beautiful images of her work. I have a feeling I will be posting more images very soon as I can't seem to stop looking at them.

October 28, 2008

Winter Bangs

So I'm thinking about cutting the short swoop bangs. I have swoop bangs now that are long and go behind my ear but love this look where they are cut just above the eyebrow. When I think of fall and winter I think of a long coat with a scarf and long hair with bangs. It's definitely getting cold here...so I'm feeling the need for little change :)

October 21, 2008

jewelry by jcrew

beautiful jcrew garden and jeweled flower braclets

October 7, 2008


So a while back I discovered something amazing! Spoonflower, a small group based out of Chapel Hill has provided a way for people like you and me to send in a design and have your ideas printed onto fabric. I'm so excited and can't wait to give it a try. Check them out as well as their blog where they show some designs they've printed.

October 5, 2008

Sneak Preview

Small little preview from the amazing Domino: The Book of Decorating. I knew it came out in October and went to but it today but sadly they said it won't get in till October 14th. I can't wait!