August 13, 2008

Platform Beds

We just recently took the bed risers off our bed, so now our bed is lower than we are used to. I think it makes the room look bigger and our main reason was so our bed skirt would be the right length. We have a metal bed frame that I hate to show so the bed skirt was really the only option. Most standard bed skirts are 15'' in length which can be frustrating if your bed is higher like ours was. PB has it's classic bed skirt that comes in 18'' which we thought about but didn't want to spend the $ right now. If you're looking for a longer bed skirt don't waste your time going to Target, Bed Bath, etc. Places like PB or having one custom made are great options. I also love the platform beds which can be really easy to make if you're looking to save money. Check out these romantic looks below. I'm in love with the dark hardwoods in the second picture.

all images from Elle Decor

Oh and I was just loving this dress.

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