June 30, 2008

Door Headboard

I had mentioned that we had made a door into our headboard and said I would share with you how it was done. There is a very simple how-to on Martha Stewart's website along with many other wonderful ideas and sources of inspiration! We simply went to an old warehouse where they salvage old doors, mantels and windows from old houses and sell them. There were some amazing things there including our old white four paneled door, similar to the picture. We sanded it and painted it white while letting the wood shine through on the corners and edges for an older antique look. You can see that this one is mounted to the wall which is great if you know exactly where you want your bed. We weren't really sure and ended up moving our bed about three times, so we went to the hardware store and bought decorative table legs and mounted them making it look like an actual standing headboard. It's such a simple idea for what can be such an expensive purchase. So if you're sleeping with your head against the wall check out Martha's site and her many other ideas for how to create a headboard.

June 29, 2008

Amazing Find!

So I've found this amazing chair frame just like the one to the right on Craigslist for $20 that I can't wait to reupholster! Now the only trick is figuring out what fabric to use. I want to go with something fun like perhaps something from Rubie Green's new site. If you haven't seen her amazing fabric line you have to check her out. She is a total inspiration!

So Romantic

Inspired by my last post, I got to looking at beds and ran across the lovely Anthropologie and their amazing home decor. Everything is so vintage and elegant, I just can't get enough! I'm very torn between a beautiful wooden bed or a romantic iron and brass frame. There's so much character hidden within a vintage iron bed. My dad actually found a wrought iron frame at a dump when he was in college. He fixed it up, painted it and it's now a beautiful piece much like this one from Anthropologie. It really makes me want to go searching for such a treasure! If anyone has a fun story about a piece you found and fixed up please share it with us!

The Hudson Love Affair

So I just thought I would post about what I think is the most beautiful bed ever, the Hudson at Pottery Barn. I will confess I go to their store sometimes to just gaze at it. A friend just told me about the Pottery Barn outlet she went to and said it was amazing! I want to go to one so bad. Thankfully this past fall I was able to salvage the quilt and duvet cover in the picture above for our bedroom. I called about 5 outlets and the one in New York was able to ship it. That was an exciting day! Unfortunately the bed isn't something we can afford right now, but we are quite happy with our headboard we made from an antique door. It's so easy, I'll have to post about that some other time!

June 17, 2008

DIY: mason jar candle holders

Here we have a very simple project inspired by Pottery Barn's mason jar tea lights. Simply go to your local flea market or garage sales and buy some old mason jars. Then take some wire and wrap it around the opening, twisting to make a handle. Drop a tea light by itself or with some sand inside and there you have it!